Millennials Find Perfect Fit in Real Estate

Until the modern era, many business transactions took place by lengthy phone conversations and face-to-face meetings. This was never more true than in real estate. With the global culture brought about by the rise of technology and the internet, those methods of interaction have rapidly become a thing of the past. The people who succeed in any business venture now are the people who embrace technology and the people who all but live in their technology.

Millennials are experts at tech and social media.

Young adults today have had cells phones since they were in grade school, and social media accounts follow the same timeline for most of these young people. With business being conducted online as never before, millennials have a leg-up on previous generations of business-owners, because they almost live and breathe the technological wonders of today. In the past, working from sunup to sundown was seen as necessary to make a living; but this no longer requires leaving the home, when the world your business thrives in is at your fingertips.

Millennials are making a splash in real estate, and it mostly due to their ability to work online. Real estate can be a rewarding career, and at its most basic level, it also fulfills a desire many young people feel to make a difference in their career.

Millennials strive to make an impact in their daily lives, personally and professionally. They want to know that the work they do is contributing something worthwhile to their world, big or small, and real estate does fulfill that need for many of them. What could be more meaningful than helping families find a home for life? Exactly.

Many careers are rewarding, but not many of those same careers provide the flexibility of a career in real estate. Setting your own hours is just one of the benefits millennial real estate agents are enjoying. They are also able to choose the volume of work they want to do. If they want to focus on selling just one house to the best buyer, then there is no one breathing down their neck, demanding more “quota”. If a millennial agent wants to focus instead on selling three houses at the same time, and getting an “okay” deal on all three, then that is also their own choice. The point is, these agents are able to use the networks and social media avenues to tailor their career to develop into exactly they want, whatever it is.

It seems like for many millennials, real estate provides an option for custom-tailored employment, which meets the personal and professional needs of an entire generation. It might be worth it for established real estate brokers and companies to look into hiring a bunch of these young bloods, to boost their own sales and growth. Millennials bring skills that no other generation can match, and they do with a genuine sincerity that rivals anything seen before. So, suck up the indignation at tight pants and glasses without lenses, and talk to a millennial today!